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Have your papers served anywhere in Islamorada. A.C.E. Process Services in Florida are Guaranteed

Welcome to A.C.E. Islamorada Florida process serving services. Thank you for visiting our Islamorada Process Serving Service website and considering our company to assist you in Islamorada. A.C.E. Process Servers provide dependable, timely and statutory service of process services in Islamorada and throughout the county and state. Our clients consist of law firms, asset managers, attorney’s, banks, REO and BPO companies, finance companies, government agencies, the Department of Justice and Security Exchange Commission, structured settlement companies, the Attorney General Office, Department of Transportation and private individuals. Our process services are performed in Islamorada and extend into all major cities throughout the Nation.

Our Islamorada process servers have sustained a superior level of long term success in Islamorada because of our ability to institute a plan of action that meets the specific needs of our clients. Our process management team monitors and reports the actions of our process servers in the field on an hourly basis. All updates and the status of each service is placed into an interactive database that allows for real time reporting and verification. Clients are provided direct access to their files 24/7 with a simple passcode and can obtain information and copies of any and all files up to 10 years. In the alternative, we have a friendly client services manager that accepts telephone calls during business hours.

A.C.E. Process Servers in Islamorada engage in the following statewide services in Florida on a daily basis:

  • Service of Process and Serving a Summons, Order, Writ, Petition and or a Citation

  • Florida Service of Process and Delivery of Subpoena

  • Courthouse Courier Services; Judicial Research, Obtain Copies of Cases, Dockets and Scanning

  • Skip Trace and Locate People

  • Due Diligent Search services and Not Found Diligence Affidavits


We at A.C.E Process Services in Islamorada consider serving Subpoena's, Orders and Summons and Complaint documents properly as essential to “Due Process” which is the legal requirement that State and or Federal jurisdictions must afford to all people. Our FloridaProcess Servers assure proper due process which balances the power of law of the land and protects the individual person from it. If a process server harms a person without following the exact course of the law i.e. Rules of Civil Procedure and or Statutes for proper service of process, this constitutes a due process violation, which offends the rule of law and cheats the individual of her or his rights. Whether service takes place in Islamorada or anywhere in the United States, our process servers always provide legal process services in accordance with the laws of the issuing jurisdiction. State law and federal law apply to each service and are strictly enforced to protect the rights of our clients and those who we serve process upon. Service of Process in Islamorada will handled and served properly and due process is assured.

When you hire A.C.E. Islamorada Process Servers you can be confident knowing that your needs in Islamorada Florida will be met. Our Florida services are carefully performed and meticulous finalized. All process services in Islamorada are backed by our pledge for guaranteed expediency and accuracy. All process service offerings in Islamorada or anywhere in Florida and Nationwide are supported a qualified support staff that assures your satisfaction and guarantee accurate results.

Our robust proprietary database system allows our clients to have real-time access to monitor the status of their Islamorada service, anywhere in Florida and Nationwide. Our Islamorada process servers also use the same database to log their efforts of services performed with details in real time. Here at A.C.E. PROCESS SERVERS we are proud to be innovators, leaders and the best process servers in Islamorada and throughout all American cities.

We use advanced technology to better serve you with consistent email and telephonic communications. The use of judicial compliance measures and secure technology is central to running our process serving business. Our experience and knowledge will be an integral part of our relationship and what you will come to learn; your choice to use A.C.E. PROCESS SERVERS was a good one for you are your client. Timely, proper and successful service performance is what we guarantee.

As one of the first process serving agencies in Islamorada, Florida and in the United States to utilize easy access websites, 24/7 on line customer service and electronic filings we take pride in advancing our knowledge and skills to better serve our clients. As the process service industry changes, so do we. Actually, we have been responsible for shaping the entire process serving profession during the past two decades and continue to meet and exceed the needs of legal process serving in Islamorada and beyond.

A.C.E. PROCESS SERVERS in Islamorada provide Standard, Rush and Same Day personal and in-hand delivery service of legal process, debtor demands and notification letters.

The process services we provide in Islamorada mainly involve legal proceedings concerning civil litigation, mortgage foreclosures and evictions, debtor collections, contract disputes, employment law, personal injury, medical malpractice, subpoena “duces tecum” for records, subpoena witnesses to appear or produce evidence, bankruptcy proceedings, matrimonial, divorce and modification law and all other litigation filed with a court and that which requires statutory service of process.

With a minimum of two process service agents strategically located in or near Islamorada and others throughout Florida, our experienced process agents will expedite your service of process to any address and upon any person or business. Our policies and the rule of law ensure that legal process is attempted with documented field diligence reports on each visit and that our clients are provided with accurate and timely results.


A.C.E. PROCESS SERVICES in Islamorada are performed diligently by dedicated process servers. All process serving services are bound by our unconditional guarantee that assures timely handing and a successful conclusion of your service.

A Compliant and Statutory Islamorada Affidavit / Proof of service by A.C.E. PROCESS SERVERS

After service of process in Islamorada is perfected (or not), our process server will provide a proof of service, return on service or affidavit of service to conform with the issuing court and jurisdiction. Our Islamorada affidavit specifies the date, time and place where service was effected, the person or entity served, an approximate physical description and any additional observations to establish and support service was properly handled. The affidavit, return or proof of service is signed by the process server, usually notarized, and ultimately serves as evidentiary documentation that service of process was properly handled. We believe the affidavit, return of proof of service is a sacred document and it is as important as the service made. Therefore, we place top priority emphasis on returning the Proof via email and US mail as soon as reasonable possible.

Call an A.C.E. PROCESS SERVER in Islamorada Florida at 800 987-4680

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